*Matches will consist of one 10 minute round, submission only - absolutely no points whatsoever.
*Overtime rules are three rounds from either the back or arm bar position. The rules are explained below.

*Competitors must wear a rash guard and shorts or tights. NO exceptions.

*All Submissions are Legal - ****No Slamming****

*The winner of each division will receive 2,000 for taking the division..

EBI OT Rules:


Each competitor gets a shot at either their opponent's back, with both leg hooks and a seat belt, OR the spider web position aka arm bar position. The competitor on offense gets the choice.

There is the TOP of the round and the BOTTOM of the round.

The competitor that goes first on offense at the top of round one will be referred to as competitor A. The competitor on defense at the top of round one will be referred to as competitor B.

Once there is an escape or submission in the top of round one, that half of the round is over. The competitor that was just on defense, competitor B, now gets a shot at the back or spider web, his choice, this will be the bottom of round one, or second half of round one.

If A secured a submission at the top of round one, then B has to secure a submission faster than A at the bottom of round one to win the match or he loses the match.

If at the top of round one A does not secure a submission and B escapes, then we go to the bottom of round one. If B secures a submission the match is over, B wins. If B does not secure a submission and A escapes, we go to a second OverTime round.

If after 3 rounds it is still tied up due to escapes, all the escapes times are added up. The competitor with the quickest overall escape time wins the match.

There is a 5 minute time limit in each of the overtime rounds.

The competitor on offense can move from the back to spider web and back, and to the truck and back, and back and forth from these 3 positions as many times as they want and the round is still live. The back is still live as long as the seat belt is in place, losing both leg hooks does not stop time as long as the seat belt is still in place. The round ends in any other position than the back, spider web and the truck unless caught in a submission "in transition". For example, going to an arm triangle from the back which puts the offensive competitor in side control or mount keeps the round live until the escape is complete or there is a tap.  Going from spider web to a triangle which puts the offensive competitor on his back in guard is still live until a full escape is achieved. If from that triangle we go to the oma plata position, it is still live until the competitor on defense pulls out of the position. Going to a leg attack from spider web or from the back in OT is not legal. Only leg attacks from the truck are legal in OT.

IMPORTANT: If the combatant on defense pulls off a submission it's an escape.

Kids/Teen Matches

Same as above except:

No Guard Jumping, Flying armbars and triangles are ok, No Toe Holds, or heel hooks, knee bars and straight ankle locks are ok. No Reaping.